- Central kitchen of Saint-François
- The GSMA of Saint-Laurant du Maroni

- Kitchen of the camp of Oyack
- The college of Maripassoula

- The Carayou Hotel
- The mixed circle of Sainte-Laurent of Maroni
- The Diamond Beach Hotel
- The bakery of Hyper U « La Galleria »

- The Ultra Marine Hotel
- The Paladien Manganao Hotel
- The self-service of the airport Pôles Caraïbes
- The Meridien Trois Ilets Hotel
- The Paladien Marouba Hotel
- Gendarmerie of Cayenne
- The Alamanda Hotel

- The Anchorage Belfond Hotel
- The RSMA of Gondeau
- The Air Force of Lamentin

- The Salako Hotel (click here)
- The Clipper Hotel
- The college of Croix Rivail
- The 3rd REI of Kourou
- The 3rd RSMA of Cayenne
- The primary school of Apatou
- Central kitchen of Matoury
- The mixed circle of the 3rd RSMA

- The Cora of Bas-du-Fort
- The college of Baie-Mahault
- The Creole Beach Hotel (click here)
- The Cohoba Hotel
- The Anchorage Anse Caritan Hotel
- The La Goelette Hotel
- The college of François
- The Amyris Hotel
- The school city of Marin

- The Restaurant "Pizza Del Arte" (click here)
- The College Providence (click here)
- The RSMA of La Jaille (click here)
- The mixed circle of Jaille
- The College Riviere Pilote
- The Cayenne Hospital
- The bakery "Fournil d'Enoch"

- The College of Pointe Noire
- The 33rd RIMA of Fort-de-France (click here)
- The self-service of R.F.O. at Destreland (click here)
- The self-service of R.F.O. at Cayenne
- Gendarmerie of Saint-Laurent du Maroni
- The College Louis Delgres
- The College Richeval
- Restaurant le Convive
- The College of Ducos (click here)
- The Agricultural college of Macouria
- The Délifrance Pointe du Bout
- The nursery of Remire
- The Délifrance Trinité
- Central kitchen of Sinnamary
- Central kitchen of Fort-de-France
- The Restaurant of Jardin Botanique of Deshaies (click here)
- The Restaurant Gril La Grange
- The Kitchen of GSMA
- Central kitchen of Petit-Canal (click here)
- Central kitchen of Lamentin
- The College Gerville Réache
- The self-service of the College Campenon
- The self-service of the Legt Baimbridge
- Servair - Pôle Caraïbes
- Cultural Center Sonis
- Central kitchen of Moule
- The C.F.A. of Cayenne

- Hospital Sainte-Marie of Marie-Galante
- The College of Mana
- The Medical-Social Center of Epheta
- The College Bellevue
- The Beau Regard Hotel
- The College Bambuck
- The College Gourde Liane
- The College of Pointe-Noire
- The hotel college of Gosier (click here)
- Kitchen of the Air Force of Rochambeau
- AFPA of Saint-Claude (click here)
- The Professional College of Lamentin (click here)

- The College of Balata
- The College Gaston Monerville
- The diocese of Guadeloupe (click here)
- The hotel Cotton House
- The Fournil de Daubin
- The bakery of Carrefour Destreland (click here)
- The College of Saint-François
- The College of Saint-Joseph (click here)
- Laboratory Confectionery / Ice cream factory of the AFPA Saint-Claude
- "Franciane Bakery" at Antigua
- The laundry of the Beauperthuy hospital
- The Restaurant the « Buffet »
- The Saint-Paul private clinic
- Maluana Kourou Center
- The self-service of INRA Guadeloupe


- The College Trois-Ilets (click here)
- The hospital complex of Lamentin
- The College Les Fontaires
- The College Les Roches gravées
- The SEGPA of the College Pitat
- The College Edmond Lucien Valard
- The hotel of finances of Martinique
- Central kitchen of Fonds Saint-Denis (click here)
- Luna SARL (click here)
- The Restaurant Le Sultan
- The College Acajou II (click here)
- The Restaurant le Caravelle (click here)

- Case of the School Morne Rouge (click here)
- Directorate-General of the Taxes (click here)
- Bakery Palais Royal